We asked our clients and partners why they were so happy to recommend UKSO. This is what they said…


Your in-depth knowledge of the funding system proved invaluable in helping my son retain to his Home fee status. Your professionalism and personable manner were reassuring and reduced the stress and helplessness we were feeling. I have already been advising colleagues in a similar situation here to contact you, before they need to not afterwards like I did!

Andrew Ray, currently based in Doha with a son studying in the UK

“unlimited approach”

We have been British expats for 8 years, and didn’t have a clue what perils, trials and tribulations our journey was taking us on as regards school and university education for our children. Over a period of 2 years we had various discussions with UKSO about the various possibilities open to us. It allowed us to develop a very flexible plan. For both the potential move we were to make to the USA, and our eventual return to the UK. Geraldine has an unlimited approach, just because the subject matter isn’t strictly within the field of graduate study options, doesn’t mean we didn’t discuss it. I would recommend her support to anyone; from those who, like us, really had no idea where to start to begin with up to those who do have an idea – but need very clear plans finalized to get the best for their kids.

Owen Wyrley-Birch (General Manager) and Clare Haxby (Artist), Asia

“valuable resource“

Geraldine spoke at a seminar I hosted at the Capital Club Dubai on “The Significance of attaining Home Fee Status in the UK”. Having worked for 20 years with expatriates advising them on their personal finances, I know only too well the “minefield” this represents to parents working overseas when faced with the complexities of the UK system.
Geraldine proved to be an excellent choice. Her understanding of the University Entrance System and her experience advising clients on specific issues is a valuable resource to access when needed, and I have had no hesitation in recommending clients of mine facing these issues to her.
If you’re an employer with expats, an international school, or a parent with children hoping to study in the UK, Geraldine’s expertise could prove invaluable.

Max Durrant, Consultant
Holborn Assets Limited

“wealth of knowledge”

Geraldine has worked with Bright Young Things for nearly two years now, providing advice and guidance for students looking for further study options.
Her wealth of knowledge and expertise of the UK university system means that her advice is always tailored to suit the individual student and she is able to offer a number of services, ranging from researching suitable courses and universities, helping with the personal statement to offering fee status support.
I have found Geraldine organised, empathetic and thorough and look forward to continuing working with her.

Sofia Carlson, Director of Tutoring
Bright Young Things

“cannot thank you enough”

We are thrilled and I cannot thank you enough for your guidance and help and support with her application and statement.


“glad to hear you are still helping families”

Thanks very much for the information, this is very helpful! Glad to hear you are still helping families, we of course, still recommend you and thanks so much for your help! Greatly appreciate it!