Worried about how A-level exams went or already have your results but haven’t had your offers confirmed?  Read on….

While some students (those taking the IB or international qualifications) will have received their results already, for the majority of students the big day is Thursday 17th August 2017 when A-level results are published.

If you already have your results and have met your firm choice offer then your university should be in touch to confirm your place. If they haven’t then it is worth checking to see if they are waiting for you to send confirmation of your results to them. UCAS receive many results directly from exam boards but if your qualification is not on their list https://www.ucas.com/ucas/undergraduate/apply-and-track/results/sending-exam-results you will need to send official confirmation of your results to your universities.

If you already have results but have not met the grades for your first choice university and have not heard from them, then you should call admissions and ask whether they have made a decision about whether to take you. They may let you know immediately or ask you to wait until A-level results day to find out whether they will confirm your place or decline it. This is because the universities need to wait until the A-level students have their results in order to determine whether or not they still have places available and consequently whether they are prepared to be flexible over offers. Remember that if you have made the grades for your insurance choice university then you will have a place at that backup university whatever the final outcome at your first choice.

If you are in this uncertain position or if you are an A-level student concerned that the exams didn’t go according to plan then it is certainly worth working out a strategy in advance of August 17th.

UCAS have now issued a list of Clearing vacancies – this is a list of courses that still have places available. Be aware though, that this list is fluid and many universities will only add courses to Clearing once the A-level results are out. If you have concerns over your results then this is the time to do some additional research. Go back to your original shortlist of universities and courses – is there somewhere that has slightly lower entry requirements? Give the universities a call, explain your situation and ask whether they are likely to be making Clearing offers – get ahead of the game! If you have applied for a particularly competitive course then look again at allied courses and subjects that may be similar in content but less popular.

On A-level results day you need to be prepared – it can be stressful. Check in advance that your contact details are up to date, ensure that you have your Track sign in to hand and that your phone is charged. If you are not going to be available to talk to universities then make sure that you have ticked the nominated access box on the UCAS form and given details of a trusted individual to act on your behalf. Check with your School or College to make sure that you know when you can pick up or receive your results. UCAS Track should go live at 08.00 UK time on 17 August, so it may be that you are able to see whether your universities have accepted you before you receive your results.

Hopefully all will go well on Results Day, but whatever happens it is important not to panic and to take your time over making decisions.