Fees for Expatriate UK/EU nationals – FAQs

Will I be eligible for Home/EU fees?

The rules and regulations are open to interpretation which is why one university can give you a Home/EU fee offer and another will decide you should be an international fee payer. To complicate matters the rules and regulations governing Home/EU and International Fees differ from country to country and there are different fee structures in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Being eligible for Home/EU fees depends upon a number of factors including where your natural home is, how long you have been out of the country and why you are based overseas.

What is the university process for finding out if I am eligible?

Each university has its own methods and process. They usually see that you have had some of your education overseas and will then send you a Fee Status Questionnaire. You will need to fill this form in with as much detail as possible. You may be asked to send in evidence to support your case or they may ask you for evidence at a later stage. To confuse you, some universities may make you an offer first and then try to find out if you are eligible for Home/EU fees, others may conduct a long-winded examination of your situation which may delay your offer.

We are all UK nationals – don’t we automatically retain the right to Home fees?

Many UK expatriates lose their Home/EU fee status without being aware that they are at risk of doing so. Many parents assume that because they are UK/EU nationals their children will automatically be given Home/EU fees. This is not the case! If you have been overseas on a succession of contracts for a number of years then it is going to be harder to prove that your situation is temporary and that you have plans to return to the UK imminently.

What do we need to do now?

Fee Status is initially assessed on the whereabouts of the student and family on the run-up to the university application three years before registration at the institution. Ideally you should gather evidence such as e-tickets back to the UK, as a family, to one particular place – the place that you consider to be your home. You will be asked to provide evidence such as utility bills, bank statements, rental agreements, property deeds etc so keep all your documents safely.

UKSO have a team of UKCISA trained experts on Fee Status to help assess your specific circumstances – we can help to prepare you and keep you informed of any changes that may affect your situation. Get in touch