Competitive Applications

Geraldine Raison founded her business in 2009 to provide quality independent advice on the UCAS university application and more specifically to assist academically bright students who are applying to competitive institutions such as Oxford or Cambridge and/or competitive courses like Medicine, Law, Economics, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.

Most competitive courses and institutions will have between 12 – 14 A grade candidates, competing for each place. Geraldine’s first-hand experience travelling the world as an Admissions Tutor at the University of Warwick, means she knows exactly what Departments are looking for when assessing each student’s application. She knows what it takes to compose a compelling and well written Personal Statement, which is personal, succinct and effective. The Personal Statement is probably the most important piece of prose a student will write as it will set them off on the right path from the beginning of their academic life.

The Personal Statement is a process whereby the student gets to know themselves, their preferences, how they think and approach their studies, how they react and overcome challenges and what skills they have to offer the institution or the course. Even if you are not applying for the most competitive courses the process of learning about yourself is incredibly empowering – you take control of your own future! Whatever your subject from Architecture, Art and Design, English, Engineering, History, Law, Medicine, Philosophy, Politics and Economics to Journalism, Theatre Studies or Zoology – we can help!

This year Geraldine and her colleagues have helped students successfully apply to Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Exeter, Warwick, Bath, UCL, Imperial, City and Manchester just to name very few.

Geraldine has a Teaching qualification, a Bachelors Honours degree from the University of Warwick and a Postgraduate qualification in Career Guidance. She has over 25 years’ experience in coaching students through the UK university application process. Professionally Geraldine is a UCAS Adviser, a member of UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs), the Society of Education Consultants, the Career Development Institute and the Chamber of Commerce.

Some recent comments about her work

“Thanks for all your help and encouragement. It was definitely a supporting crutch during that long tedious and sometimes stressful process.” A Parent – Dubai April 16th 2016

“Glad to hear you are still helping Shell families, we of course, still recommend you and thanks so much for your help! Greatly appreciate it!” Shell International – Education Department Head Office – The Hague