Applying to top UK universities – FAQs

How does a UK university differ from the US?

Most UK degrees are three years long rather than four in the US. UK degrees focus from Day 1 so students can get to grips with their subject/s straight away. UK students tend to stay at their chosen university for the duration of their degree.

How do I get into a top ranking university?

University rankings are just one part of the process in your research for the perfect degree. However if you are very bright and want to apply to some of the top ranking universities then we would recommend that, as a starting point, you look at the ‘Table of Tables‘ which combines results from the three main UK university league tables or the Guardian University Guide. To be eligible for the top universities you will have to have a stellar academic record as well as be able to articulate your genuine passion for the subject/s you want to study.

Can you help me with the UCAS application?

The UCAS application is easy when you know how and we know how! UCAS is a common application portal to five university choices. We can help you search for the best options for you via taking you through the UCAS search, looking into degree structure on the university websites to check out the modules and advise you on your eligibility by reviewing your qualifications.

What is the Personal Statement?

The Personal Statement is a very important element of the UCAS application. You write one Personal Statement for all your university choices. It will normally take a number of weeks to complete and should be seen as a process rather than a rushed job. Many competitive courses will have up to 12 applications for one place – all the other students will have excellent qualifications like you so a compelling Personal Statement may be the deciding factor in getting an offer and beating off the competition!

If you need any help and support with looking at the rankings, navigating UCAS or guidance in writing a winning Personal Statement we are here to help.   Contact us