Careers Guidance and University Advice

We start working with students from 14 years old, getting to know their academic potential, aptitudes and interests, often using online profiling. We can help with GCSE choices and support post-16 decisions, before moving on to providing specific and tailored advice on the UCAS application procedure. We also work directly with parents who want to know how they can better support their children through this process.  Our small team provide a personalised, independent service and are available in the evenings, weekends and school holidays. Using our experience and expertise, we can help at every stage of the process.

Profiling: students complete an online psychometric questionnaire completing questions about their interests, abilities and academic achievement.  They receive a report suggesting specific courses at universities.

Course Research: we help students to differentiate between courses by looking in detail at the course content including sub-topics, the academic and pastoral support offered, how work will be assessed, student:staff ratio, professional accreditation, field trips, work placements and opportunities to work and study abroad. UKSO can liase with admissions and subject staff for specific queries.

University Research: helping students to compare universities in terms of location, campus style, facilities, culture and accommodation.

Rankings: helping students to compare universities and departments by critically assessing league tables and assessments.

Enrichment: advising students on how to boost their personal profile. Recommending reading lists, co-curricular activities, volunteering, work experience, MOOCs and other insight activities to demonstrate genuine subject interest.

Shortlisting: using the appropriate information in order to reduce the list of possible courses to the final five choices allowed on a UCAS application.

Personal Statement: advice on writing a UCAS Personal Statement.

UCAS Application: guidance on all aspects of the application process including filling in the UCAS application, references, interview preparation and consideration of offers.