Consultancy – available on an hourly basis

Do you have a specific question?

  • Have I got the right grades/subjects/extra-curricular profile?
  • How do courses differ between institutions?
  • If I take a Gap Year when should I apply?
  • Where do I start with my Personal Statement?
  • What sort of budget will I need for my Studies?

Coaching – benefit from our wealth of knowledge, expertise and contacts

 A truly personal 1-2-1 service listening to your individual requirements

  • Fulfil your unique academic aspirations
  • Understanding your pastoral and social needs
  • Identify the best study opportunities
  • Guidance through the university application
  • Compile an individual and compelling Personal Statement
Initial Consultation (suitable for all ages)
  • Need some help with understanding the UCAS application process? We can help you navigate the UK university system.
  • Not sure where to start with university degree options or what resources are available?
  • Looking for some help with ideas for higher education or simply needing some direction?

We can offer an initial, one-on-one consultation session with an admissions expert.  We will gather background information about you and determine what you want to address in advance of the session and then undertake an extended Skype consultation to explore these ideas and set you on the right track.  Following the consultation you will receive a written summary of the session with recommendations and an action plan.

Ideal for students about to embark on A-level/IB (or equivalent) courses to get them thinking and kick-start the higher education admissions process.


Explore Package
  • In Years 9, 10 or 11 and want to start preparing for university?
  • Interested in exploring options and identifying the most appropriate programmes of study post-16?
  • Looking for help to identify activities and interests that will help your application?

This is our package for students who want to start preparation early in order to give themselves an edge. We work with a number of career based tools and resources to help students discover more about their aptitudes, skills and subject preferences before moving on to discussing courses, institutions and application procedures.  We will discuss and help to map out appropriate work and voluntary experiences to enhance applications.   By drawing up a list of action points our admissions experts will get you started on the right track and will follow up with regular check-in sessions to help you implement any changes in your plans.

We can offer four, six or eight consultancy sessions to keep you on track.

  • 4 session pack – covering the basic groundwork to save you time
  • 6 session pack – more time to explore and revisit your ideas 
  • 8 session pack –  offering a more hands-on coaching approach
Personal Statement and Competitive Admissions packages

If you are preparing to apply for a competitive degree but need some extra support over the final months in the run up to the UCAS deadline we can help.  We have successfully coached many students in drawing up their key institutional shortlist and supported them in the process of writing the crucial Personal Statement. With around 12 stellar students applying for each place we will be your ‘critical friend’, helping you to articulate your passion for your subject and to identify and demonstrate the most appropriate skills and aptitudes for your chosen course.  Our experts can ensure that you put the ‘Personal’ into your Personal Statement making it stand out from the crowd.

For some courses, students will be required to sit extra admissions tests and attend interviews.  Where appropriate we can also offer preparation and practice for these additional requirements.

Aimed at Summer of Year 12 and Autumn Year 13 students to give them the edge.

Packages depend upon the timescale. Contact us for further details.

International platform package
  • What does it take to be accepted into a world class university in the UK?
  • How does the UCAS admissions process?
  • What entry requirements are needed for particular courses?
  • What skills and qualities are admissions tutors looking for?

We can help you raise the bar to open up the opportunities that the very best UK universities have to offer. Aimed at students who want to explore their options in depth we can assist you with all aspects of the applications process.

For those students who are aspiring to being accepted into highly competitive universities or courses you will need to build an appropriate personal profile.  We can help you to understand which institutions may be the best fit for you and how best to plan and tailor your application.  In addition to one-to-one consultations and the use of psychometric matching tools we will be able to give suggestions for appropriate reading, activities to pursue and lectures and summer schools to attend.

Aimed at Year 11, 12 and 13 students.

Packages depend on timescales and level of support. Contact us for further details.

Tailored packages

Don’t fit into any of these categories?

We can build a personalised package to suit any student at any stage in the university application process.

In the past we have helped:

  • Flounders –who just don’t know what they want to study
  • Combination subject students – wanting to keep their options open
  • Students with dyslexia, dysgraphia or a wide range of learning disadvantages
  • Students who need extra tuition
  • Students with physical disabilities or impairments

Summer Schools and Foundation Course

Add on services

In the past we have helped integrate and prepare a student before his studies by picking him up from Heathrow during the summer holidays, giving him a quick cultural immersion, taking him to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Warwick Castle, Oxford and finally to stay in his college overnight in Cambridge along with a tour of the university and a punt down the river Cam past all the historical colleges before taking him back to Heathrow.

We also provide a Guardianship service for first year undergraduate students and act as a point of contact if they need support or guidance during their studies.

Price on application 

Geraldine’s expertise – over fifteen years in university administration at the University of Warwick  – seven years freelance careers and UKHE adviser. Professional integrity combined with a student-centred approach.

  • Member of UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs)
  • UCAS Advisor
  • Director of the Society of Education Consultants
  • Member of International ACAC (International Association for College Admissions Counseling)
  • Cultural expertise coupled with extensive knowledge of international qualifications
  • Extensive network of academic and professional associates