Choosing courses

With over 37,000 UK university courses to choose from, deciding what to study can be a daunting process.  In contrast to most countries the UK has a centralised admissions system for Higher Education courses (UCAS). The maximum number of courses that an applicant is allowed to apply to via UCAS is five (any student applying for medicine, dentistry or veterinary is only allowed four choices for those courses).

The UCAS website provides a useful starting point for researching course choices but UKSO can advise on the best, additional resources for students to use in order to compare and contrast courses and institutions.

For younger students, or those who are unsure of the direction they wish to take, we often kick-start the process with psychometric online profiling.  This can help assess a student’s abilities, ambitions, aptitudes and interests and the resulting report will suggest a manageable number of courses to explore.

Once a student has decided on the subject area that they wish to apply to, UKSO can help them to differentiate between courses by looking in detail at the content; including sub-topics and choices, the academic and pastoral support offered, how work will be assessed, student:staff ratios, professional accreditation, field trips, work placements and opportunities to work and study abroad. We can also help students and families to critically assess the subject ranking tables and make use of the information provided by the REF (Research Excellence Framework) and the proposed TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework).

UKSO can liase with admissions and subject staff for specific queries and provide guidance on entry requirements and admissions tests.