Apply for university

Apply to University

How to get into top UK universities. UKSO offers a truly personal approach to help you navigate UCAS and write a successful Personal Statement. Get lots of tips and advice from the experts. See our FAQs and read our case study on this subject. 

UK fees explained for expats

 UKSO provides expert advice to expatriate families whose children want to study in the UK. How will the rules and regulations affect you? We will keep you up to date with the latest guidance on UK university fees. Read more

International Students

What is UCAS? How do you write a Personal Statement? Do you need a student visa? Have you got the right qualifications? Will you need a Foundation Course? We can answer all these questions and more. Read more

Competitive applications

Thinking of applying for Oxbridge, hoping to become a doctor or wanting to study business? UKSO has expertise, knowledge and resources to help you at every stage of the process. Read more

UK/EU Expats – don’t lose your eligibility for Home fees!

  Being eligible for Home or EU fees isn’t quite as straightforward as many expats think.  Families assume that having British and/or EU citizenship and owning property in the UK or EU is enough to get an offer as a Home or EU fee payer. It’s not …but read...

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Applying to highly selective courses – top tips

  Highly selective courses are those that receive many more applications than they have places. Universities are likely to specify that students have or are predicted particular grades, often in required or preferred subjects. Admissions tutors need to be able to...

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Preparing for Results Day

Worried about how A-level exams went or already have your results but haven't had your offers confirmed?  Read on…. While some students (those taking the IB or international qualifications) will have received their results already, for the majority of students the big...

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